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Construction Employment Opportunities

The employment opportunities that will arise from the Roy Hill project fall into two distinct categories:

  • Construction Phase¬†(from late 2013 to 2015)
    - Approximately 8,500 temporary construction jobs will be available
  • Operational Phase (ramping up in 2014 to full capacity in 2015)
    - Approximately 2,000 permanent Australian jobs will be created

It is important to note that most employment opportunities for the construction phase of the project will not be directly offered by Roy Hill, instead they will be recruited by contractors and workforce services companies like SKILLED.

To ensure that Roy Hill is able fill the employment requirements during the construction phase and capture the details of people interested in working on the project, they have joined forces with SKILLED to manage this process on their behalf.

Here are the skill sets/ roles we are seeking for the Roy Hill project:

If you have the skills and experience to qualify for any of these positions, please register your interest by clicking on the relevant position.

If you qualify for a position your details will be provided to Roy Hill construction contractors (when further contracts are awarded and construction work ramps up) to source Australian workers when positions become available.

While construction on the mine site has already begun it is expected that it will accelerate in the next 6-12 months when contractors begin to ramp up their work on the mine and associated infrastructure.

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